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100 BC, the Roman Empire at the height of its power is surrounded and outnumbered by fierce rival factions. Command the Roman Legionary and use your superior discipline and battle formations to overcome tremendous odds.

In Prepare for War: Legionary, the player takes control of Roman Legionary platoons, manipulating them as if they were a single character; the virtual platoon acts with one hivemind, similar to how Roman warriors of the period were trained to fight in real life. Our innovative control scheme modernizes the real-time strategy games genre, a genre with a lot of potential and following that is no longer being innovated by other developers. As for the narrative, we aspire to create a story about the effects that totalitarian government policies have on individuals who serve the state.

To the left are some of our environmental areas that we are working on, and a video of our very first prototype for our formation system. Our project has expanded a lot since then and I can't wait to showcase our improvements soon!


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