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'Liquidators' is an Unreal Engine 4 First Person Atmospheric Horror Experience


I was the Game Creator, Director, Producer, Lead Designer, Writer, Project Manager

A summary of what I did: 

• Project Management / Producing: Created the concept, prototype, design doc. Pitched the project and assembled a small team of volunteers. Planned the dev timeline of 1 year, gave tasks and instructions to every team member, guided them and tracked their status. Set up QA sessions at milestones and analyzed feedback and bugs.


• Game Design / Systems Design: Developed the experience goal and designed systems that supported the intended goal, such as the permanence mechanic, the unique abilities of characters, and the unpredictable but fair challenges. Tweaked and balanced variables such as damage, speed, weight, light intensity.


• Level Design / Mission Design: Constructed the layout and architecture, greyboxed the entire map, textured and modeled the environments, implemented mission and challenge placements while accounting for pacing and flow.


• Directing / Narrative Design: Presented a clear vision and lead the whole team towards that goal. Directed every aspect of the project such as the music style, sound design, UI and UX design, art style, trailer. Wrote the dialogue script and in-game info, directed the voice acting, designed the narrative delivery system.

Nominated for Best Indie Sound Design at G.A.N.G. Awards, being the only student project among established publishers, honorable mention at IGF, more than 50,000 downloads with an overwhelmingly positive review score on Steam, millions of views on YouTube and social media.


Games Launched:


Upcoming Projects:

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